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Dr. Eugene Gosy Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison

otorious Western New York pain management physician Dr. Eugene Gosy was sentenced to 70 months in prison by a Federal District Court Judge last week. Dr Gosy was accused of unlawfully prescribing narcotics and other controlled substances. He was first charged in a 114-count indictment in 2016. He accepted a plea deal in January admitting to conspiracy of unlawfully distributing controlled substances and health care fraud. He admitted to, among other things, prescribing painkillers to his own employees and his patients without properly evaluating them and knowingly giving medicine to patients who were misusing the drugs. 

Shortly after his guilty plea, the Board removed him from its list of authorized treating providers. Dr. Gosy was well-known in workers' compensation circles. A legal database search for his name reveals over 500 decisions that he was involved in that reached the Board Review level. The opioid crisis contributed to in part by Dr. Gosy and others like him led to significant reforms from the Board concerning prescription medications, most significantly the Prescription Drug Formulary introduced in the 2017 workers' compensation reform package.

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