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Board Notes Process Change for Objections to Administrative and Proposed Decisions Effective 2/1/2020

The Board announced a process change regarding objections to Administrative Decisions (ADs) and Proposed Decisions (PDs) that will become effective 2/1/2020. As of that date, any party wishing to object to an AD or PD must state their objection to the decision in the space provided on the AD or PD that is the subject of the objection. Additionally, the objecting party must note the WCB case number on the objection. 

The objecting party is not limited to the space on the form. If additional pages are necessary, they can be attached to the form. However, the objection must start on the form provided on the AD or PD in question. We recommend that those objecting to an AD or PD, list the basic reason on the form along with the WCB case number and then expand as needed with additional pages. 

The Board advises that the reason for the process change is that when the objection is not noted in the designated area of the AD or PD, it can be misrouted, leading to errors and delays. 

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our attorneys for questions about the new AD or PD objection process.

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